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Repurposed Ceiling Fan Blade Art

I’m at it again! Recycling any surface to paint on! We took down an old ceiling fan that not only wasn’t working any longer but also something that needed to be repurposed. I looked on Pinterest to see what I could do with the ceiling fan blades that my husband had so graciously taken apart. Continue Reading

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Jesus Drank Wine – Wine Glass

Is it true? Yup! Jesus did promote wine, I’m catholic, I know. Sometimes we can remind ourselves on a daily basis about Jesus. So I decided to make some fun glasses. I won’t go into the exact etching instructions but you’ll catch on when I do a step-by-step tutorial in a few weeks if enough people request it.

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How to Upcycle Re-used Old Paint Brushes and Paints Tutorial

Learn How To Upcycle Re-used Old Paint Brushes and Paints Tutorial Click to Tweet
Darn it! Another brush ruined by an over-zealous kiddo or a stressed-out adult who decided to scrub paint onto their canvas. After many agonizing years of “hoarding” bad brushes while my husband asked me sincerely, “Honey, what could you possibly use those stiff, old brushes for?” I finally have an answer!  In this tutorial you will learn how to up-cycle re-used old paint brushes and paints to make a wonderful paint brush mirror. I’m using an entire bagful of bad brushes to create an artistic mirror with brushes surrounding it with wonderful bright colors. I’ll be honest, you’re going to need alot, I mean ALOT of bad brushes….at least 60 assorted or 90 small guys.

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Watercolor Painting | Watercolor Masking Technique Tutorial

A neighbor of mine just had a baby and I felt maybe another baby blanket or onesie was too impersonal. So being in the crafty mood (that I’m always in), I decided to make a personalized gift! Just a few notes: This is the first time for this type of a watercolor painting project and I did come across a few bumps along the way but hopefully my mistakes and boo-boos help you guys on your project. By the way, if there were too many exclamation points in this watercolor painting entry, it’s because I was really excited on how well this project turned out! Continue Reading

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